am residences

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Since 2019

am residences is a collection of project realizations by am designs, with a rental purpose. Some are available for long-term rental or short-term (holiday) rental, while other properties can be rented as location for photo shoots or movie productions. The overal characteristic of all residences is the ambient style and atmosphere of am designs, staying close to our roots and our vision: “creating timeless living spaces”.

All the residences that are portrayed, started as our family homes or houses we have created for our clients. The feeling of home brings awareness of its importance when you are away from your own. That is why we always felt the need to create a home, or a home away from home to people who travel a lot, where everybody can get a feeling of comfort and trust.

We create our homes with a focus on connecting with the environment, the surrounding nature, to provoke that calm and peaceful atmosphere. We create an identity for each place and we keep our buildings faithful to the local language, by continuously searching for materials and shapes capable of connecting the building to the place where it belongs. The experience in our homes is a getaway from our rat races and fast-paced lifestyles, where simplicity and serenity are key.

Since 2009

am designs, founded several years ago by Mark Mertens, has been growing at a rapid pace. Today the company is well known for designing both residential and hotel projects. Throughout the years am designs also developed an extensive product portfolio, which is sold all over the world in their projects and through its partners. 

The company always stayed close to its roots, which were set by its founder. am designs' work is much more a philosophy of life, creating timeless living spaces and products which are in perfect balance with the lifestyle of its owners. This is realized by bringing rare objects with a "soul" and materials in its purest form, together with basic architectural structures. We find our inspiration in ancient cultures, contemporary architecture, art, but also in our rich Belgian heritage.