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Zoute 133

Knokke Zoute, Belgium

This newly renovated studio is located in Knokke Zoute, within walking distance from many shops, restaurants and the beach. A unique location and fabulous views over the white Zoute villas and green landscape of the Royal Zoute Golf Course.

Zoute 133 is a cosy space that has been designed with high focus on purity, natural light and raw materials. The studio is a bright and open space, provided with private bathroom, sleeping corner, kitchen and many facilities. Zoute 133 is the perfect alternative for a hotel suite, with much more appreciation for quality and privacy.


Kingsize bed and built-in closet


Private bathroom with shower


Open kitchen provided with dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator


Knokke Zoute, Belgium

Studio for two

- Smart TV
- DVD player
- sound system
- mini bar
- safety locker
- bedlinen
- bathlinen
- cleaning service
- free parking space


Knokke Zoute, Belgium

Longterm rental


Shortterm / holiday rental


Photo / film production




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What we like


DeMaré Patisserie Tea-room

1 minute walk

This pastry shop has been known for its product quality for three generations and its new owner Wieland maintains the business' great reputation. All products are made in a manual and traditional way and that earned the label "Handmade in Belgium". The classic and bestseller of the house is the merveilleux for which it is known far beyond the Knokke borders. You can try all delicacies in the lunchroom or chose for takeaway.


Boo Raan

5 minutes drive

"Boo Raan", Thai for "according to tradition". For example, in Thailand you eat with a spoon and a fork, but noodles are eaten with chopsticks and a spoon. Another tradition in Thailand is that all dishes are served all at once. Those traditions, including the sharing food culture, can be experienced in this Knokke-based restaurant. All ingredients are fresh so the menu is limited according to the market offer. Chef Dokkoon has learned this Thai kitchen from home and loves to share it with you and your family, with respect for tradition. 


Il Trionfo

5 minutes by bike

Ristorante Il Trionfo radiates the warm soul of Italy. The term "famiglia" is the core of this successful restaurant, as it is run by mom and son "al forno" and dad and daughters "nella sala". Everything that is served - from the olive oil to the hams and cheeses, from the pastas to the wines - carries the "Di origine protetta" label. D.O.P. guarantees that all products are of Italian origin.


Le Bistro de la Mer

5 minutes drive

This cozy and refined family bistro has been offering traditional and delicious cuisine based on fresh products for more than 15 years. The family guarantees continuity and comfort for everyone who wants to enjoy their particularly friendly service in a cozy room. They offer the great classics, but also more original and innovative dishes, accompanied by a nice selection of classic wines.

Frans Boone Store

10 minutes walk

Concept store with curated menswear. All driven by passion, completely independent, started from scratch, Frans Boone Store is now a small but leading online store followed by a lot of clients, that meet the same personal service that's offered in-store.


Surfers Paradise

5 minutes by bike

Surfers Paradise is an active water sports club in Knokke-Heist in the middle of the dunes, right next to "Het Zwin" nature reserve. Since 1988 they are passing on the passion for water sports by running a club where you can enjoy wave surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, stand up paddle boarding and many other sea and beach sports. Afterwards, you can relax at the beach terrace of the Californian Clubhouse.


Lakeside Paradise

10 minutes by bike

The perfect place where you can water ski, wakeboard, wake skate or kneeboard. The 20 different “Unit” obstacles make the Lakeside Paradise cable park one of the world's top 10. Lakeside Paradise consists of a Pro Shop, a Sleep Inn Hostel, a Cuis Inn with restaurant and bar, and a large deck with sandy beach that gives a great view of all the action.



15 minutes drive

Traditional fish and seafood dishes with the touch of Sergio Herman. Many of the dishes that are served at AIRrepublic were once on the menu at the restaurant of Sergio's father. Think of the fish soup that was previously served in Oud Sluis, marinated mussels, oysters with champagne sauce and freshly made langoustines. Open from Friday until Tuesday for lunch and dinner.

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